A journey in Texas
How it all started
Hi this is Karl and Lisa.

In 2019 a Friend told me that my Company has an open position in Wichita Falls Texas.

Since our youngest one is still attending school the first thought was not to take this offer.

After talking to our youngest one he said we should take it and move on. He is living with his aunt now and feeling very welcome there.

So the decision was made and I send in my application in.
After having to do everything twice my transfer was accepted.

In February 2020 I was flying to the Texas. A house was already rented, and a car bought.

Then COVID 19 happened and the flight for my Wife and the Dogs got canceled. She was stuck with 2 Dogs for 2 months in an empty house.
The household got packed right before all that happened and was already on its way.

In June we finally made it all happen. The Dogs got a flight and a couple Days later Lisa was able to fly.

Picture from our Journey will be kept in the Picture Gallery.

Have fun exploring them.

Karl and Lisa

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